Abu Dhabi is strategically located to supply major markets such as Europe and the Indian sub continent. The GCC and MENA region is an emerging and fast developing market with a booming construction segment as well as a growing and prosperous population.

The Plastics Cluster in Abu Dhabi is a growing community of players from the plastics value chain, raw material producers, converters, academia and industry organizations. Abu Dhabi Polymers Park provides over arching support to the cluster to deliver common
benefits for all stakeholders.

Abu Dhabi Polymer Park will span 4.1 million m2 with up to 1 million tons/yr conversion capacity of a wide range of resins.


Value offering

• A dedicated industrial Park for Plastics Conversion
• Competitive infrastructure, utilities, labor and raw material costs
• Efficient shared logistics services
• Technical Centre for Quality and Innovation
• Zero tax on company and private income
• Custom free imports and exports
• UAE International environment
• Land available from Q1 2008